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PackingBoxes.com.au is the original and the best.

Don’t be fooled by imitation online sellers. Just to compete, many online packing box stores are selling second hand, used boxes, or are renting boxes out. Is this what you want for your possessions? Millions of Australians move house or office each and every year. PackingBoxes.com.au was created to take some of the stress and a lot of the cost out of moving.

Don’t pay the prices charged by the removalist companies, buy boxes directly from a manufacturer, and pack them yourself.

Pack like the Pros!

Our moving boxes were designed to protect your goods and let you move them safely, economically and conveniently.

Proper packing is critically important. You want boxes especially made to do the job right. Careful attention now will pay off later, when your treasured belongings come out of the moving truck in just as good condition as when they went in. What’s more, our cardboard boxes are specifically sized to make stacking and tiering easier.

Most importantly, all of our moving boxes are fresh and new … unlike used boxes that could be dirty, soiled, weakened by water, or even carry unwanted pests.

Moving Packs / Kits

We are dedicated to making the moving process simple.

PackingBoxes.com.au will provide packs of moving boxes that will suit all house sizes and budgets. We have designed all of our kits after consultation with many home movers, and have selected items that combine quantity with quality at a cost effective price. All at the click of a mouse.


Visit Echo Cartons for an additional assortment of stock-size cardboard boxes.

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