Honestly, moving is a tough time and can be highly stressful. We understand that and it is why we’ve done the hard work to make sourcing cardboard boxes as simple as possible.

For this reason, we don’t think you need to be bombarded with 16 different size boxes to cater from everything from the bedroom drawer to the kitchen sink. For most people, this is simply unnecessary. Most moves are not 1000’s of kilometres, they are cross city or just a few suburbs. We’ve done the research and we have seen what boxes most people need to pack up their house safely for moving day.

It all boils down to the fact that we see three commonly used sizes and these moving and storage boxes will provide you almost everything you need to satisfy all your home moving needs. They provide the perfect mix to get all your goods packed up safely. Smaller boxes for heavier items likes books and bottles of wine. Bigger boxes for lighter goods like clothes and toys. Remember that you (or your mover if you are lucky enough) need to be able to actually lift the box when full.

So what is the best way to get your hands on these boxes? Well you could go to the local hardware store, office supplies store, or even the local storage facility……


If you want to get the best cardboard boxes at the best prices, use our experience, check out the suggested sizes sizes below and follow the links to buy them direct from a box manufacturer.

Tea Chest

Cardboard box tea chest

Boxes to help with the small move. An assortment of cardboard boxes that are ideal to pack or store a few things away

Tea Chest Moving Boxes
400 x 360 x 650 (L x W x H)

Book & Wine

cardboard box wine

A great collection of packing and moving boxes to get you well on your way with packing up your valuable belongings

Book & Wine Moving Boxes
410 x 300 x 430 (L x W x H)

AA4 (A3)

cardboard box a3

Providing a big selection of moving boxes to aid you in the packing. Kids toys, linen, you name, you can pack it.

AA4 Moving Boxes
430 x 310 x 230 (L x W x H)

If you’re interested in buying a package of moving boxes all together, click here.