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Packing Boxes for moving and storage

Moving house? Don’t pay the prices charged by moving and storage companies for your packing boxes. If you’re in Melbourne why not buy packing boxes direct from the manufacturer?

We’ve done the research and we know what cardboard boxes people need to pack up their house safely for moving day. There are three commonly used sizes and these moving and storage boxes will provide you with a range that will satisfy all your home moving needs. They provide the perfect mix to get all your goods packed up safely.

And what is the best way to get these? Well you could go to the local hardware store, office supplies store, or even the local storage facility……


If you want to get the best boxes at the best prices, use our experience, check out the suggested sizes here and follow the links to buy them direct from a box manufacturer.

Not sure where to start and need some advice on how many boxes you need, click here for some help on what boxes to get and where to get them.